My first time gay anal sex9

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My first time gay anal sex9

It was thursday Night and I got off of work at 6pm, I was not ready to go home just yet. I was In NewYork that day We had to go to this long boring seminar, My job makes us go everyyear.

So I was in NewYork city that day and was off work and going to a bar. I walked in to this bar it was nice. I asked the bartender for a beer and took a seatI was just done with my forth beer and had to go to the bathroom. I walked in to the batheoom and over tothe only open urinal and unzipped my fly and took out my cock. I was peeing the guy along my right looked over at my cock and said. YOU HAVE A GOOD LOOKING COCK I LOVE TO SUCK ON IT! I Just looked at him like wow way to much info If your gay its cool with me just dont hit on me. I just got done peeing and zipped up and got out of the bathroom. I walked back over to my seat at thebar.

I then could see that the bartender was kissing a man then it hit me I was in a gay bar. I just had a good Laugh and when the bartender was done with kissing the man he walked over to a guy at the end of the bar. The bartender got 2 beers one for the man then he walked over to me he spoke out this if from the /guy/hot-guy/">hot guy at the end of the bar and put it down. I did not know what to do, Do I not drink it and piss him off or just play along Like I do in these circumstance. So I played along I rased my beer and took a the drink. 

Some time later around my sixth beer I had to go to the bathroom and got up and walked in the guy at the end of the bar who gave me the beer was no where to be seen and I walked into the bathroom. There was 5 guys all in a row, At the uinal I pulled out my cock and started to pee but I could not see straight and pissed on some guys feet. He did not get mad he just looked at me and asked me if I need a little help. I just looked at him and told him no thank you I got it. I peed and the guy was looking me over. I just did what I had to and walked out OF the bathroom. I walked over to my seat at the bar and took a seat. The bartender gave me a beer on the house and he told me to go in to the back room second door on the right. I looked at him like why and I did. I totally forgotthat I was In a gay bar and walked to the back room. I opend the door and it was dark and walked in.

 There was a black lights in the next room door way so I walked in. I walked right in to 5 men all haveing /gay/gay-sex/">gay sex, One man was geting it in the ass the other two were sucking dick on the sofa and as soon as I walked in one guy had his hand on my cock. Then it hit me I left my cock out and the bartender must think I wanted to have sex. I tryed to say no sorry but befor The words could come out he was on the ground his hot lips were now on my cock and he was sucking the tip It got me so fucking horny right then I just did not know what to do.

 Do I stay and fuck him or leave the bar, I did not have to choose he took my cock all the way down his hot mouth and all the way to my balls. I did not move it was such /ecstasy/">ecstasy my cock became hard right in his mouth and he pulled my cock out of his mouth and took a seat on the sofa I just walked over to him and he removed his clothing his /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock just jumped out at me. He was now nude. He then took my belt off and pulled off my pants and underwear My cock was now out for the hole world to see and I did not care. I took a seat next to him he did not say a word he just took my now throbbing cock in his mouth he sucked my cock like it never had ben sucked before. He stoped and got off my cock he just took a seat next to me and I knew what I had to do. I never did this befor and picked up his Huge hard throbbing cock it had to be over ten inches long and thick like a large cola bottle. 

I took it in my hand he just let his head go back on the sofa and I opend my mouth, and put it in It was so fucking hot I just pushed his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock as far as I could in my mouth and just tryed to suck his huge hot cock I moved up and down on it like I was licking a lollypop He just loved it he was now starting to make small moans and I just loved to hear it it was all new to me I never did this befor and was starting to love it. He pushed my head off his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and I moved back on the sofa he grabbed a bottle and I was thinking I was going to get a hand job. NO I was wrong He put me on my back and I knew he was going to /asshole/asshole-fuck/fuck-my-asshole/">fuck my asshole. He lubed me up in my /asshole/">asshole and cock. 

He then put on a condom and lubed it up He finally spoke He told me to just relax I did I was so horny by all of this I wanted to try /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex befor but allways thaught I be called gay but now I was going to get what I was looking for all those years. I just lay there as I can feel him pushing his huge hard cock in my ass cheeks he got to the anus it was tight I could not relax With fear and pleasuer He pushed the tip in my asshole and I could feel it going in It hurt but not so /bad/">bad of pain where you had to stop. 

He was telling me its all most in and befor I knew it his huge cock was in my asshole it hurt and I had to let out a scream he just grabbed my t shirt and put it by my mouth I took it and bit down on it he just at that point pushed his cock all the way in It was so much I did not know what to do. Then all of a sudden there was a hand on my cock it was a new guy he walked in I guess when I was blowing him he took my cock in his hand and as the guy fucked me he jurked me off he took out his cock half way in and was jurking it as he surked me. The pain stoped in my ass and there was this urge to have to go to the bathroom but I did not let that stop me. 

I was geting fucked like a dog he was just going fast and it was so much I could not take it I wanted to blow my load the pain stoped as I told you and it was not just a hot burning back there. This guy jurked and jurked and just as I was geting to blow he stoped he got up and jurked off three more time and I could feel some of his hot cum hit me on my back with each jurk his cum dripped on me he stiped jurking off and wiped my back kissed my ass and told me to have a good time, And with that he left the guy was still fucking my asshole and every time he pushed it in he was now takeing it all the way out, And I wanted more he push it back in hard and I love it. He was now fucking like a mad man and he reached around and took my cock in his hand as he fucked me he jurked me off. He stoped jurking me off and I could hear him oh ! oh ! HO ! Then I feel his cock expand he pushed in and pulled out and back in he let out a loud HOOOOOOOOOO! with that he stoped his cock still in my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole you could feel him cum. 

He pulled out and jurked off his cum all on my back he took my cock in his mouth after he was done jurking off he sucked me and It only took seconds I was cuming in white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie his mouth he did not stop he took the cum and pulled off my cock he then kissed me with a mouth full of my cum I took the salty cum in and loved every stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv salty second I swallowed it and he gave me a pat on the back and took his clothing in the next room I lay on the sofa watching the other man fuck and got dressed and left some time later. This was the /first-time/">first time I had /gay/gay-anal/gay-anal-sex/">gay anal sex and loved every second of it.