Florida Rainy Day

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Florida Rainy Day

 It was a rainy day like any other in Florida when we met. Having stopped by his house not knowing he would be the one who was home, we stopped to have my car fixed. Jesse " my current friend who knew the home owner as she had dated his brother and wanted to sleep with him as she did everyone else recommended we stop by to get help. We ran to the door to get out of the rain, we knocked and waited as the front door opened and a tall sexy man with dark hair and the most beautiful green eyes you have ever seen answered. His name was Brian; he was in his early 30's and stood over 6 feet tall, slender build with cut muscular arms, and sun beamed tanned skin. In his low southern voice, he informed us that John was not home and created conversation while we waited for the rain to pass. As the rain passed and we walked back out to the car to leave I knew there was something about this stranger that intrigued me " something that I had to explore more.

A few days later we went back, what should have been an awkward situation felt like home. I had only just turned 18 a month ago and with the excitement of a driver license and new car, I should have been viewed as a immature person in his eyes, but Brian who was a grown man of 33, looked at me as if I was a mature woman, someone of beauty. I wasn't a small girl, I wore a size 14 pant with C cup boobs who stands 5"5 with medium length straight brown hair and blonde highlights, and big brown eyes , he made me feel beautiful, sexy to say the least. I continued to go back to his house and to the marina where he could often be found fishing after work for weeks. We laughed and joked for hours every day and then one night something about him changed to me, he was no longer the older man I flirted with but he was the man I found myself thinking and smiling about when not with. We always stayed in the yard, him in his truck and I in my car parked side by side talking and joking until it was time for me to leave for home. That night as I left his front yard, I jokingly told him that he should call me sometime and to my amazement he replied "I don't have your number..", I retrieved a business card already written on from a used tired store and wrote my cell number on it and gave it to him and told him to call me sometime.

I was busy with work for the next few days so I didn't return to his house but thought about him often and how I missed his laugh and how I wished he would call. One night on my way home to an empty house as my Dad and Grandma had gone out for the night my phone rang, not recognizing the number I cleared the call. This strange number left a message for me, as I went through the prompts to retrieve the voicemail it started to play. Hearing this deep familiar voice on the other end it said "Hey Ashley, this is Brian. I am just calling to see what you were doing, call me back at "" and he gave me his number! As any 18 year old girl would do I called my friend Jesse to tell her he finally called! After hanging up with Jesse, I called him back. My nervous tone turned into laughter and excitement over this new phone friendship; when we finally noticed the time we decided to call it a night because we both had to work early in the morning. That night like many more to follow I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Over the next few weeks we talked every night for hours and every morning to say Good Morning. I would stop by his house after work and then one night we decided to move past just friends but to something more, something with meaning. Sitting on the porch on a breezy yet humid April night with Brian on the wooden swing and me on the recliner I asked "What are you thinking right now?" as he replied "When I should kiss you" my heart raced, my face redden even though he couldn't see it, I was red with excitement and fear of the first kiss. I replied as I stood and moved to the entrance of the porch to where I found myself leaned up against the door way replying "Whenever you like.." and in that moment he moved from the wooden swing and came over to where I was standing and gently placed one hand around my waist and the other on my cheek and leaned in with the softest lip and kissed me passionately. In that moment it felt like everything froze in time. As I left that night to leave for home I knew my life had just changed and I would have to tell my father of this new man in my life that was more experienced in life, relationships and more mature than me and not to mention that he was only 6 years young than my father.

My father, who was sick most of the time due to diabetes ended up in the hospital being dehydrated and was admitted, as we waited for the nurse to return in his drowsy state I knew this was my moment to confess. I nervously sat down as I started the conversation with my father, my . "Dad, I'm seeing someone. His name is Brian.." my father who knew I never dated anyone my age openly asked "How old?" and as I replied "33" his face looking shocked as I am certain he only expected a response of 2-4 years older than me replied "I want to meet him.." and that was that. As I left the hospital that night to return home to my grandmother I called Brian to let him know of my father's request. With nervousness in his voice of meeting my father he said ok.

The next night, I met Brian at the hospital to where he was to meet my father. With sweaty palms, both I and Brian entered my father's hospital room hand in hand. After nervous introductions my dad and Brian started joking and I knew it would be ok, as my father accepted this man into my life without judgment or question. We left the hospital and went back to Brian's house for a quick make out session as we did every night before I had to leave him for the night to go home as I had curfew and knew I was pushing my luck each night and I kept arriving home later and later.

That weekend I decided to spend the night at my friend Jesse's house as I knew her curfew was non-existent and it allowed me more time with Brian. Jesse went to her boyfriend's house and told me to come by when I left Brian's because we would be staying there instead. At midnight, I reluctantly left Brian and went to Jesses boyfriends house. Upon my arrival they greeted me with a mix drink of brandy and coke. Not being much of a drinker it hit me hard and fast, feeling the numbness I called Brian. He was not happy that not only was I drunk but I was drunk at a guy's house who had openly proclaimed his desire to have sex with me. As I tried to calm him down I drunkenly professed my love to him for the . As he up on me, I called him back and he told me he was coming to get me and to meet him at the corner store as I was too intoxicated to stay there and it was not safe. He picked me up and drove me back to his house to where he helped me inside and laid me in the bed and left the room. He returned moments later in basketball shorts and no shirt and climbed in bed next to me. As he snuggled up to me and put his arms around me I wanted nothing more but to jump his bones right then and there! I kissed him and as he was passionately kissing back, I ran my hands over his body starting at his chest and making my way down his stomach following his trail of hair down to the rim of shorts when his hand met mine. He pulled my hand away from his shorts and brought it back up on his chest and whispered "not now, not like this." As I rolled over still in his arms right before I drifted to sleep I heard the whisper in my ear "I love you too".

Chapter 2

I awoke to his arms xnxxv sunny leone video still around me and him sleeping peacefully next to me. With a vague remembrance of what happened the night before and my head bounding I slowly crept to the end of the bed to go to the bathroom. As I left the room I stumbled over my cell phone to which I had 5 missed calls. 1 from my father and 4 from Jesse whom had called to let me know she was coming to get me so I could change and head home. I returned to the room to find Brian awake and smiling. He pulled me close and just as passionately as he did the night before he kissed me and said good morning. As I explained I had to go he told me he would call me later to check on me and handed me two aspirins and I was out the door.

I returned that afternoon to Brian's freshly showered and headache free with more of a memory of the night before. Embarrassment hit me as I approached the door, remembering how eager I was to be with him and the knowledge of him turning me down before I could think anymore about it, he opened the door and his arms flew around me as he embraced me with a hug and kiss like he hadn't seen me in days. The afternoon faded to night as we laughed and joked as if the drunkenness from the night before never happened but we both knew the passion we both felt was mutual and was only a matter of time before we took our relationship to the next level. As I left that night he asked if I meant what I said on the phone and without any further thought I admitted it was too soon but it was true, I had fallen for this man.

As I returned every night after work we continued to passionately kiss and fondle but never go any real forced anal against her will further. You see I was not a virgin but I was not as experienced as he was, being 33 years old I knew he had been with his fair share of woman and that was intimidating to someone of my age and of my little experience. Not only was I but he was, after all I was 18 and that was forbidden territory even with my father's knowledge. We both knew this was a step into something serious that was not going to be taken lightly.

Two weeks had passed since the drunken night as I more commonly refer to it when he asked me to stay with him. I made all the arrangements, I told my dad I would be staying with Jesse and to cover the tracks I parked my car down at her house at 11 so if he was to drive by I was where I should be. As I prepared to go to bed I knew this night would be one to remember. As I walked into Brian's room nervous I saw his face, calm and smiling at me. He gestured to me to get into bed to where he held me in his arms as he did the last time I stayed with him I felt a calm feeling, no longer nervous but now anxious with excitement.

He took his hand and gently placed it on my chin as he lifted my head higher to reach my lips. He gently and passionately kissed me slowly moving his tongue with mine as we explored each other mouths, while slowly caressing my face, moving his hand down my cheek to my neck and down my side to my right breast. As he caressed the outside of my breast he moved his hand down my shirt to where he slid his hand underneath sending chills throughout my body he broke our kiss. Moving his mouth down my neck and then slowly kissing my nipple. With his eyes locked with mine he opened his mouth and took in my nipple, slowly kissing and licking it making my whole body shiver. As he moved from one nipple to the other he slowly trailed his tongue down my stomach to the top of my shorts. He removed both my shorts and and laid there looking at my naked body that was eager with anticipation of the upcoming events.

He moved back up to my mouth, kissing me passionately again and then he lowered himself back down to my breasts. As he caressed them with his kisses he slowly started to trail back down my stomach moving down to my right inner thigh, kissing it the whole way up till he reached my pussy. He locked eyes with me again and with a smile on his face and one flicker of his tongue I moaned. He swiftly took my clit in his mouth, sucking, nibbling and licking me to the point of explosion. Just as I thought it couldn't get any better Brian moved one finger into the entrance of my now pushing it in and out as he continued to lick my clit. My breathing deepened, my moaning increased as my back arched and body tighten, he inserted two fingers , I felt the warm liquid explosion leave my inner body and soak his fingers. As my orgasm passed he removed his fingers, licked them clean and moved back up to my now sweat glistened body and kissed me passionately.

I rolled him onto his back kissing him slowly and running my hands down his chest gently trailing my nails down his stomach seeing goose bumps on his skin only enticed me to keep going further south as I reached the tip of his boxers almost expecting him to pull my hand away as he did before I broke our kiss and looked at him. He didn't stop me this time but smiled as I pulled his boxers off his body and threw them on the floor. Now seeing his rock for the first time I was amazed. As I mentioned before I was not a virgin but being with only one other guy before Brian was much larger than the previous guy. His 9 inch stood at attention, hard as a rock needing relief. I took the cock in my hand and began to slowly stroke it up and down. Kissing my way down his body I felt his body twitch with excitement as I reached the location I wanted to be, I slowly took the tip of his penis and flicked it with my tongue and with a devious smile took the head in my mouth. Slowly moving the tip around with my tongue, I would pull out long enough to slowly lick from the bottom of his shaft to the top of his . Knowing he was eager to feel my hot wet mouth around him, I quickly took as much as I could in my mouth. Bobbing my head up and down sucking and licking as if it was a lollypop on his fully erect member his eyes closed and head back I knew he was almost to the point of release when I stopped.

Positioning myself over his now throbbing thick cock I slowly lower myself down. It had been months since I had been with a guy intimately and Brian was bigger than the last so I knew it would be quit painful. I slowly sat down on his hard man meat inch by inch stopping from time to time to adjust to the size until I was able to take him completely in. Now he was completely in my tight I began to slowly rock back and forth, side to side until he rolled me over in one swift movement he was now on top. He slowly pulled the head in and out stopping at the very entrance to tease me as he knew I wanted him to completely fill me up with all 9 inches he would quickly shove it back in bringing me to almost peak with an orgasm. When he knew I was ready, when he knew I couldn't hold out anymore he bent down and nibbled on my nipples, kissed my neck and bite me in the sexist manner ever, I went off.

It was a flood of wetness dripping down his cock as my body tightened, my nails in his back, my breathing shallow and my moans muffled so no one could hear it was the ever! As my withdrew he leaned down and kissed me. As our kiss broke he smiled, knowing he just made my whole body release a much needed orgasm he began thrusting again, this time harder and deeper. Just as my second orgasm hit I screamed "Cum in me baby, I want to feel you fill me.." I felt his body tighten, his head threw back and a rush of cum inside me. He clasped on my body from exhaustion. After he caught his breath he rolled off me and held me and told me he loved me and that there would most definitely be a repeat that performance in the morning. We both fell asleep naked in each other arms and a smile on our faces.