Another story of Lousie and Bud

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Another story of Lousie and Bud

As both of their orgasms move closer and closer, he realizes that he isn’t ready yet for his cock to cum! Not yet! He has waited a long time for this beautiful young piece of ass. And, now that you is under him he wants the tightness of her pussy to last forever! As he continues to please you like you have never been pleased before, he tells you, no he moans to you, with a deep breathless voice telling you what he is wants to do. He licks your neck and moans: ’I want to change positions baby! Stop for a moment. I don’t want us to cum yet!’ You stop pumping into him and let your legs go from around his body! He slides off of your body and you moan loudly in dispute as you feel his cock leave your pussy! But, you’ll do anything to keep this sexual feeling going on and on and on!

He moves your in front of him and has you put your legs over his. As you both lay back on the bed facing each other, you feel him pull your lower body towards hi lower body. As his cock touches your open pussy you watch as it slips inside you. Now both of you can watch all of his cock go in and out of your hot body. He can also see your tits rocking up and down as your body fucks him. He holds your hands and you hold his as both lower bodies began fucking hard again. In and out, in and out, you watch his big /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock sliding in and out of your wide-open pussy! Both of you are grunting each time that he’s fully inside you. Only a guy with a /cock/big-cock/">big cock and do you this way. 

He stays on his elbows looking towards you and you rest on your elbows watching his cock fuck you. Only your lower body is pumping into his and only his lower body is fucking into you. With your bokep sma pecah perawan thighs over his thighs you both are in a dream world as you fuck. In and out, in and out your bodies move together giving pure joy to both of you! You love his thickness as he fills your entire hole! Each of you can feel his cock rubbing in and out against the walls of your pussy! He smiles at you and you give him your sexiest look as you lick your lips and hump your pussy faster on his big cock! You can see how wet it is from your cum covering it. He pulls you and your body moves into him. You pull and his body moves into you. Fucking your pussy is everything you felt it would be and you are so fucking glad you decide to give your cherry to him. He has made you feel so good and was so gentle that you have completely forgotten the sting of breaking your cherry! So now you old waman xxxgx are rewarding him with the best fucking you can give him! God you really love the way his big thick cock fills your body! You can almost feel it hitting your spine he is so deep inside you. As you both continue to fuck in this position you begin to feel the stress this position gives you. You man to him saying: ’Oh god baby! Let’s change positions again this hurts my back! 

He pulls you really hard and lifts you up on top of his thighs! As you sit on top of his thighs your pussy take ever inch of his cock deep into it! As you face him you wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him as he pumps his cock up into you. Your legs are wrapped around his waist as he fucks you. Actually it’s sort of rocking motion as he holds you tight and with every inch of his cock deep inside you, you both hold each other tight just rocking back and forth just feeling how wonderful your sex feels against his sex. He hold you for a few minutes giving both of you a rest. You have been going at it for over an hour now! You tongue his mouth and moan as he licks down your neck. As you bend backwards his mouth covers your right breast and sucks your hard nipple pointing out like a arrow point. God you have never seen your nipples so long and hard! His mouth sucks each one as he holds you tight. His cock is still buried all the way up inside your pussy and you try to squeeze it as tight as you can. GOD!! You can actually feel the blood beating through it with each beat of his heart! You straighten up and kiss him so hard your mouth and his begins to bleed a little! Your tongue fucks his mouth like a snake as he begins to lift you up and down again! He whispers in your ear: ’Let’s change positions again baby I want to cum inside you! 

Quickly you roll off of his cock as he tells you to move around and sit on his stomach facing the same way he is facing. You do exactly what he tells you and you open your legs and straddle his stomach and hips. He has you both facing the same way now as you use your hands to guide his hard thick cock back to you waiting pussy hole! You squat over him and as you bend forward to take his cock he sees your beautiful ass and /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy open for his waiting cock. With only inches under your pussy you both watch as you lower your body down on it! it! You use your fingers to spread open your pussy lips wider to accept his thick wet cock. It sticks straight up in the air pointing directly at your pussy as you lower further! You think to yourself that this position is really hot! You moan in joy as you sink down on top of that /fat/big-fat/big-fat-cock/">big fat cock. Down further until you are sitting on his stomach with all of it buried deep inside your pussy again! GOD!! You love that feeling! With his cock fully inside your body again he feels like he is impaling you with his length and thickness! But, it makes you feel complete again! You love the feeling this thick /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock gives you as it fills your body! He pulls you backwards by the shoulders on top of him as he begins to slowly pump his cock up into your pussy hole again. 

Pleasure! Ah such pleasure!! It’s just like in your dream and the dream comes flooding back into your brain as his thick cock fills your cunt and sends wave after wave of shivering desire back throughout your body! As he lies there with his head, neck and shoulders against the bed board, he watches as you move your body on his cock! Now in this position, you both see his thick cock moving in and out of your cunt! IT seems to disappear each time you sit back down on it! You lift up and then slide down on top of it again and again and again! God!! You can’t seem to get enough of it filling your pussy! He whispers: ’Ride it baby! Fuck me with your sweet body! Put all of me deep inside your pussy baby! Fuck me!! Mumm! Don’t it feel good?’ You moan again and wrap one of your arms around his neck as you turn your head to accept his tongue! You feel his tongue fucking your mouth in unison with his cock fucking your pussy! As you suck his tongue his hips never stop pumping up and down making his cock go in and out of you dripping cunt. You suck his tongue hard as you now feel each of his hands take one of your nice D breasts and squeeze them.

 As you lay back against his stomach you watch his hands work on both of your tits! Oh god that feels much better with that big cock deep inside your pussy. Almost everything he does to your body feels better as he fucks you! YOU think to yourself: ’Oh god yes!! Squeeze my tits! Pinch the nipples! YES BABY! YES!’ But it seems he knows what you want and does everything you want before you ask him to do it. It is like he was reading your mind now! You feel his cock continue to fuck up into your lusting pussy dripping with your own pre-cum. His one hand now slowly moves down your body and over your stomach towards your pussy while his other hand continues to play with your left tit and nipple! His fingers rub around the top of your slit looking for and locating your clit! You moan thinking: ’Oh god if he touches my clit I’ll scream and cum a gallon!’ But you don’t stop him! Oh no you would never stop him! GOD!! He makes you feel so fucking good! As good as you are feeling right now you will let him do whatever he wants to you. Anything!! Anything at all that he wants to do he can. You are his completely. All you want him to do is fuck you! Whatever he wants you would do. 

You would lick his ass or let him fuck in yours! Anything! Anything at all just don’t stop fuck your body PLEASE! DON’T STOP FUCKING ME ’ you think!! You tell him in a horse deep voice: ’Oh god love me baby! Take my body and make love to it! Make me cum baby! Give me everything you have!! Give it to me NOW! OH GOD! /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard!! I’m going to cum!’ He kisses you and tells you: ’Soon baby! Soon we will both cum! But for now I just want you to lay back against me and enjoy what I’m doing to you and your fantastic beautiful body! Just enjoy it sugar!’ His fingers begin to rub very lightly over your clit as his thick cock just continues to pump in and out of your body like a fucking machine! He is so good! He really knows what and how to do you to make you feel the best you have ever felt! Faster and faster his fingers stroke over your hard pink bud. You look and see how hard and big it is! OMG you have never seen your clit this has swollen! It looks like a /cock/small-cock/">small cock it sticks out of the top of your pussy begging for attention. And, he is giving it so much attention! Your mouth waters with lust as he works on you! 

You had told him that you had a very sensitive clit and now he is using this information to make you feel so fucking great! You love his touch! It’s the best you had ever felt in your life! His hand and fingers were pushing a little harder against your most sensitive body part now! And, you can’t stop rocking back and froth on his cock as you let his wonderful fingers play with your pussy and especially with your thick hard long clit! You cry out: ’Oh yes baby! That feels so fucking good! Ohhhh God!! Faster rub me faster. Fuck me faster!! Ohh GOD!!! YES!!! YES!! YES!! All most!! ALMOST THERE! Oh yesssssssss!!!! Almost! Almost! Almost!! Ahhhhh!’ Your back arches and your pussy locks on to his cock! He increases his speed when he feels your body begin to quicken its motions. You’re humping up and down on his cock and watched as his hands worked on you. He tells you: ’Suck on your nipples for me! Suck on then and let me watch you do it!’ You feel so lusty and dirty like a slut for him! 

But you do it! You use your hands to lift your breasts to your mouth and one by one you suck hard on your long hard very red nipples while you watch his fingers on both hands now work on your cunt along with his cock! His fingers are flying over your clit and your pick insides and his cock thrust up into your dripping pussy again and again! It’s like a dream!! Your dream! And in your dream you cum like never before! You know that is exactly what is going to happen very, very soon! OHHH God his fingers are magic! Fucking magic!! As his finger flew over your clit you suddenly grabbed his hand with both of your hand and pushed down hard as he stroked your clit! You scream and then scream again as you ride him hard and fast! Up and down! Up and down! Faster and faster and faster!! Over and over and over again you pound his cock like a whore who hasn’t had an orgasm in 10 years! 

All of your passion has built to the point where if you don’t cum soon, you’ll go completely insane! You scream; ’FUCK ME BABY! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!!!’ As your cunt flowed with your cum, your orgasm moves into your body and brain as it takes over your body making it fuck him like a crazy woman or a machine! Your cunt locks down on his cock as holds it deep inside your body!! Over and over again you pump and grind, pump and grind on his fucking hard thick cock shaft as he rams it into you. Over and over and over and over, again and again and again and again he fills your pussy as he drills it as hard and as fast as he can! His fingers are a blur now as they fly over your clit! Waves of lust and passion rushed into your entire body ! ’Fuck me’:, you are yelled at him: ’Fuck me! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME BABY! Oh shit!! Fuck me!!’ And your orgasm rushes on and on and on as you continued to be fucked with his /hard/big-hard/big-hard-cock/">big hard cock and his fingers rub your swollen clit as fast as he can make them go! 

They look like a blur to you pleasing you so well! Your cunt is so full of your own cum you feel it dripping out and running down the crack of his ass as you continue to go crazy on his cock! You are so wet and wide open, your cum flow freely down his cock shaft and over his balls and over the crack of his ass and on to the bed. There is so much of it and you are pumping so wildly that once his cock slipped out of your hole. Both of you yell: ’Fuck!!’ And, four hands reached quickly for his cock all at the same time. You inserted it back in and slammed your body back down on it all the way! Your mouth covered his and you fuck it with your tongue. It is the best orgasm you had ever had! Nothing compared to this! Nothing! He has given you the most intense, long lasting, hardest set of orgasms that has rocked your world! God!! He almost made you pass out! You are so glad you didn’t because you wanted to feel ever dam sensation, ever chill, thrill and shiver! You wanted to feel and experience all he could give you.