First time anal

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First time anal

I was in india for business when I was very tiered after long day of work, I went to my hotel room and asked for massage, after while a man showed up and he told me that he is my massager , I asked him why man? I want lady to give me massage, but he said that the policy here is male to /female/male-female/male-and-female/">male and female to female, I laughed and I accepted that, bcoz he was soo /cute/">cute and handsome.

he asked if I like to take shower first so he could help me in that, I said yes, so we took off our clothes an jumped together in to the bath tub, and took shower together and went to the bed to start massage, he instructed me to lay down on my stomach, and spread my legs, he sat down between them.

he started with my left leg from my /feet/">feet all the way up, until he reach my butt, he massaged it in a circle motion but I noticed that every time his fingers passed on my /asshole/">asshole he stop for while then continu, after finish he started with my right legs, he did the same from my feet all the way up until my butt, but this time he did some thing more, when he pass my hole, I could feel the tip of his finger goes inside my hole, to milf porn videos say the truth after several time of doing this and the deeper his finger goes inside my hole, the more pleasure I feel, so unconsciously I started to moan and raise my ass up for him.

oh my god it feel soooooo /sweet/">sweet honey I said to him, he laugh and he said am happy you love that baby, after these big green light from me he put a pillow under my stomach to be more confortable and to be also in good angle for penetration , he fucked my hole with one finger first and I felt more fingers goes inside, I looked back at him and I saw his cock is fully erected and soooo big also, he put some oil on my upper back and shoulders to massage them, but to reach my shoulders he must lay on top of me and with my asshole up hi and visible, I could feel his erected cock touch and kiss my hole, when he heard my moaning getting louder and louder when his cock touch my hole, he lay down on me and whispered in my ear, would you love me to fuck you baby?

I said yes please fuck me, I will love to he did not move he just moved his knees outward to spread my legs more and his cock already on my hole opening, he pushed his cock slowly in my hole until I felt the head sliped inside, woooooow baby it very big I said to him, and with slow pumping motion, I felt it getting deeper and deeper every time.

I felt some pain but still acceptable, after several pumps I felt comfortable and told told him to go more deep, he said ok honey, just dont move.

With his strong hands he hold my shoulder very very tight and I felt more weight on me, at this moment I really felt helpless, and I will not be able do any thing so I must accept what is coming, and as I expected, with part of his cock inside my hole already, a strong and positive move he pushed his /cock/big-cock/">big cock all the way inside me, wooooow I screamed soooo loud from pain, I felt my hole is exploded, and torn apart, tears jumped of my eyes, and felt I will cry, I begged him to take it out but he did not listen, and I cant move, he is holding blowjob porn videos me very tight, but he asked to relax until pain go away, we stay like this almost five minutes, at this time he gave me a lot of passionate and love, he did not stop kissing my neck, and licking my ear, he turned my head toward him to kiss and suck my lips, he also pushed his tongue deep in my mouth and I sucked, I think this help me bcoz after maybe two minutes slowly slowly the pain disappeared, after that he pumped my asshole for more than thirty minutes, it really was thirty minutes in heaven, I moaned very loud from pleasure, especially the last two minutes before he cum, he was really hitting my /butts/">butts soo hard, which I think all the people near my room knew that is some one is getting fucked inside, and also when he started to cum, his milk was so hot and sweet.

we stayed still for about three minutes, we both were sweating, and tiered also from the big effort he did,
he pulled it out slowly and I felt his warm cum is dripping out on my balls.

we had shower together, I cleaned his cock and kissed it for him and he cleaned my hole and lick it for me , we got back on the bed again, and we talk for while, I told him that he is super and I enjoyed your cock to the maximum, he also told me that am soooo sweet and he /fucking/fuck-love/love-to-fuck/">love to fuck me more and more, so we hug each other ,and we got into a very long /kissing/french-kiss/">french kiss, I kissed him every where, on his face, nick and chest I sucked his tongue for long time, I really felt am his woman, after that I looked at his cock and I got shocked, it is fully erected, i started to suck his cock bcoz I did not before he fuck me, we did 69 position, he fucked my hole again with his tongue, I asked him to cum in my mouth.

I sucked it for about ten minutes until I felt hot and salty juice filling up my mouth, I swallow most of it, it is very tasty, I spent two weeks in india, we had sex every day!