A few minutes extra

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
A few minutes extra

We had a few extra minutes...

So we drove down to the sea, the lighthouse. We stroll down the promenade and stand looking out to sea.

I hug you from behind, one indian santali xvideo arm across your belly, the other above. We are both very aware of the warm weight of your breasts on my arm, their slight shifting forward and back as you breathe, my own breath hot on your neck.

As I hold one arm tight under your breasts, I slide the other down and across, my hand gliding across your smooth, firm stomach. I pause to tweak at your navel piercing, pulling just enough to get a little gasp from you.

Moving further down, tracing lightly across the skin along the top of your jeans, back and forth, oh so lightly...

Meanwhile, I slide my other hand up under your blouse, under your bra, and cup your breast - it fills my hand, fingers spread wide, my index finger brushing your nipple, which hardens, pushing back against the brief caress.

My cock hardens, pressing into your arse, and you press back into my crotch. Then you lean your head to one side, letting me kiss the side of your neck, nibble your ear, and with a gentle moan you reach back between us, sliding your hand down the front of my jeans, inside by boxers, sliding the palm of your hand over my swollen manhood, rubbing up and down, your hand quickly slick with my pre-cum.

At the same time, I tweak your nipples, one at a time, hard, because I know you like the momentary thrill of pain. My other hand I push down inside your jeans, two fingers between your swollen /wet/pussy-wet/wet-pussy-lips/">wet pussy lips, either side of your clit. Up and down I slide my fingers. Its like your clit is a little dick, fucking the cunt of my fingers. Your clit quickly swells, you rub my cock harder and faster, your knees buckling as an orgasm starts to take you over.

You reach back with your other hand, gripping the back of my neck, and as the swirl of release takes you I come as well, pouring out all over your hand.

We let go of each other ? I taste your still-hot juices off my fingers, and you give me a wicked grin as you lick a mouthful of cum of your hand. I alain lyle porn bend down to kiss you, and find you havent swallowed! You push your tongue into my mouth, swirling my cum through our kiss. Its the /first-time/">first time I have tasted my own cum, and the salty tang is... not unpleasant.

You lick your hand clean, smiling the whole time, then dry your hand down the leg of your jeans as we walk back to the car, and I drive you back to your father, who still doesnt know what we get up to.